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Annapurna Base Camp Treks

When to go

One of the first important question that comes to one’s mind before traveling to Nepal for trekking purposes is “When to go? or When is the best time to visit Nepal?”. Simply but thoroughly, we will be answering that particular question here and help you decide on when to visit Nepal for the trek of your lifetime in the Himalayan trails leading to Annapurna Base Camp.

Autumn Season (end of September to early December)

Like any experienced trekker who has been to Nepal would say, Autumn season is undoubtedly the most promising time of the entire year for travelers to travel and visit Nepal’s incredible trekking routes such as Annapurna Base Camp trek. As the monsoon clouds have cleared out, trekkers are left with some stunning views and a golden opportunity to witness the overwhelming Himalayan scenery of the legendary snowcapped mountains including the Annapurna massif. Valleys and hill trails are covered with lush green verdant vegetation while the weather remains stable enough for trekkers to enjoy all the exquisiteness hidden within the beautiful Annapurna region. Drastic changes in temperatures also do not occur, hence trekking throughout the day is bound to be pleasing. However, one slight downside about this season is the overcrowded trek trails and lodges which can be discomforting for some travelers.

Spring Season (March to end of May)

After Autumn, Spring season is primarily considered to be the next favorite time for ABC trek.  Blossoming of rhododendron flowers can be witness all over the trek routes during this season. Higher altitude trekking remains comfortable enough to let trekkers relish the authentic joy of trekking in Nepal’s diverse trek routes which goes through several valleys, hills, rivers and villages from lower to high elevations in just a matter of days. Though the temperatures at lower regions remain mildly warm, the temperatures at higher regions are still moderate and don’t fluctuate much. Additionally, clear mountain views can also be experienced by trekkers which can add more aesthetic feeling to one’s travel days.

Summer/Monsoon Season (early June to end of August)

Even though, Summer and Monsoon seasons are not very much preferred by trekkers for trekking activities, one can still experience trekking in the Annapurna Sanctuary if they want to. The temperature increases to maximum and dust haze up to distort the views of the mountains in the summer. Similarly, heavy rainfalls and muddy/slippery trek routes along with leeches make it hard for trekkers to trek during monsoon times. No wonder these are the least popular trekking seasons. However, if trekkers prefer peaceful trails with less crowded pathways then this can be the finest time to come for trekking in Nepal. Along with that, trekkers who don’t mind experiencing summer heat or heavy monsoon rains then they can surely do the ABC trek during these seasons.

Winter Season (mid-December to February)

In the winter season the sky stays pretty much clear during the day but it can get bone-chillingly cold at higher elevations which require trekkers to get their bodies covered with warm and air proof winter jackets. Also, there is a huge possibility of heavy snowfalls at high passes making them uncross able for trekkers to complete their trek. Nonetheless, as there are no such high passes which can turn into a blockade for trekkers in the Annapurna Base Camp trek route, trekkers can determinedly head to the ABC even during the harsh cold winter season as well. But one must equip themselves with proper clothing and shoes if they wish to reach the base camp and return back properly.


As far as polarity goes, Autumn and Spring seasons are the best seasons to go for Annapurna Base Camp trek. But if you’re well prepared and don’t mind some minor weather complications, then you can try doing ABC trek even during Summer/Monsoon and Winter seasons too.