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Annapurna Base Camp Treks

Guides and Porters

To simply put it, a guide is a person who has years of previous trekking experience and makes sure that everything during your trek goes as smoothly as possible without much complications. Likewise, the porter is just an individual person who carries your heavy luggage throughout your trek so that you don’t have to burden yourself with the weight of carrying them yourself. Matter of fact, guides usually charge 25 US dollars per day and potters charge 15 US dollars per day, which make them pretty affordable in terms of trekking in Nepal. So, normally these days hiring a “Guide & Porter” has become very common practice for foreign trekkers who want to make sure that they enjoy their trek to the maximum.

Having a guide or a porter will definitely enhance your trekking experience without a doubt. Majorly because you won’t have to worry about several key factors of your trek like getting the trekking permits, booking hotel rooms and carrying heavy loads of your trekking luggage. You can basically just indulge yourself with the scenic mountain trails, communicate with local people, learn one or two about the culture and traditions of various ethnic communities as you traverse by and create a long-lasting memory of trekking in the magnificent Annapurna region of Nepal. Guides can help you find amazing places which are less visited o even entirely missed by other travelers who haven’t hired a guide. They can translate various Nepalese names and phrases in order to give you some idea about the actual meaning of the thing, place or a person.

Furthermore, if anything were to go south and you find yourself in a very troublesome situation where you can’t continue ahead or in need of transportation back to the city due to some illness. At these very exact situations, having a guide or a porter can become the most grateful advantage for the lonesome trekkers who needs someone to look after them. Guides can go and search for help, if needed they can even help you get evacuated by helicopter. With that, there is a very less chance of getting lost or turning the wrong way during your trek if there’s a guide beside you. Additionally, if you hire a local guide and a porter, then you will also be lending a hand to provide them with employment opportunities and feed their families. By doing so, you are in some way or another, helping the national economy to grow and progress.

But on the contrary, you should remember that the Annapurna Sanctuary trek can also be done without any guide or porter. It’s not a compulsory thing as you have your own personal choice to whether or not hire a guide or porter for your trek. If you’re going on an organized trek by a trekking company then surely you will be hiring a guide and a porter. However, if you want to do a solo ABC trek then at that time it’s totally up to you to decide on having a guide or not for your trek.