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Annapurna Base Camp Treks


Traditionally, Nepal is a very rich when it comes to food. As like every other traveler who has tasted the lovely delicacies of Nepal, you too are bound to fall in love with the taste of various Nepalese cuisines that will be served to your during your Annapurna Sanctuary trek.

To begin with, you should first of all know that, you can get a large variety of food items on your menu while you are trekking. You are not going to be restricted to choose only Nepalese delicacies. Many of the teahouses and local lodges genuinely offer numerous popular foreign food items if you wish to avoid eating the local cuisines. However, many trekkers mostly prefer Dal Bhat Tarkari which is the national dish of Nepal and is thought to be very nutritious. In simple language, Dal refers to soup made up of lentils, Bhat refers to plain boiled rice and Tarkari refers to well-cooked vegetables. These are normally eaten all over Nepal, hence you can find it not just in Annapurna but also in other popular trekking regions too. One of the benefits of ordering Dal Bhat Tarkari is that it is usually very filling with loads of calories to help trekkers push their way through the weary Himalayan trails. However, depending on the available vegetables, each and every Dal Bhat Tarkari tends to be a bit different from one another but will always be delicious no matter where you eat it.

Departing away from the typical Dal Bhat Tarkari, trekkers can also order other exquisite local dishes such as chowmein, momo, noodles which can be found indifferently throughout the trekking routes. You can also enjoy many non-veg items but it is widely suggested that if you can then you should avoid eating them during your trek. As there is lack of refrigeration at higher elevations, meat items normally need to carried up to the lodges which can lead to food poisoning if eaten. Nonetheless, you can always have them at lower elevations where the meat products are properly refrigerated. Additionally, Dhindo and Gundruk are also some of the other very popular local dishes which are also very high in nutrients and vitamins.

And for trekkers who would like to order something more familiar, Annapurna region has numerous lodges and tea houses which offer trekkers with diverse assortments of food items. You can order freshly cooked pancakes, apple pie, pizza, pastas, French fries, oatmeal and many more. Though it may not taste exactly like your home-made food but it is sure to be appetizing nonetheless. Seemingly, it’s only a matter of preferring what’s available in front of you when your body has exhausted all throughout the way and now just needs to be filled up before launching off to another destination.

No matter what you are planning, it is still best if you order the local cuisines and taste the different delicacies that Nepal as an exotic nation has to offer to you. In the end, you may reach the destination of your dreams but no matter what you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to eat the food that won’t be found anywhere else.