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Annapurna Base Camp Treks


Who doesn’t love to stay connected with their family members and friends during their travel? So, even when you’re trekking in the Himalayas, you would like to keep in touch with people you love and keep them updated with your traveling so that they know you’re safe.

In the past few years, communication service has become easily accessible with the help of infrastructure development which are being carried out inside the Annapurna region. Unlike other places, Kathmandu and Pokhara cities thrive immeasurably with immense availability of dependable fast Wi-Fi and internet services. In these cities, there isn’t much problem regarding communication facilities which means you can even make local and international calls with ease. But as you move away from urban areas and march into the rural hill areas of Annapurna region, you can easily witness the decrease in mass communication over all. But many of the tea houses, cafes, lodges and restaurants at lower altitudes are still highly equipped with all the modern conveniences including high-coverage telecommunications and Free Wi-Fi. Nonetheless, as your trek progresses on and takes you higher and higher, you will undoubtedly start experiencing weak signals and slow Wi-Fi connections that may not be of your liking. However, it will be possible to go online, check your mails and share photos with your family & friends back home.

There are many Sim Cards locally available in Nepal, however only Ncell & Nepal Telecom are the major popular ones upon which you can depend upon for trekking purposes and you can purchase both of them at the International Airport after your landing. But many travelers and trekkers prefer the use of Ncell Sim Card which offers a large variety of useful data packages in order to stay connected online and woks better inside Annapurna region when compared to other Sim Cards. But remember that, you won’t be able to purchase Sim Cards while you are trekking inside the rural villages of Annapurna region, so it will be more convenient to buy them at the airport or at Kathmandu/Pokhara city. And one thing about having a Sim Card is that you can contact other people even when you have no internet connection in your mobile phone.

Lastly, don’t think about being able to stream HD videos online while you are at the base camp. But as far as simple means of communication goes, you can be assured that you will be able to keep in touch with others back home.